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Enable Customer Self-Service with Five9 Virtual Assistant

Over the past several years, consumers have grown accustomed to voice assistants. Whether interacting with their smart watches, mobile phones or smart home devices, people are now comfortable speaking to these devices, and receiving service from them. Consumers now expect the same type of conversational self-service experience when they contact their favorite brands for service. This is causing those brands to accelerate their transition from basic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to intelligent virtual agents.

This change in customer behavior comes at a time when Google, IBM and other platform providers are investing heavily in technologies that underpin many of the latest IVA solutions, making them an order of magnitude easier to deploy, more affordable and easier to implement and maintain.

Five9 makes it easy to design intuitive and easy to use self-service solutions that utilize advanced voice recognition and visual IVR technologies. And our Engagement Workflow product makes the transition to assisted service a snap.  Customer information collected within Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent is used to find the right agent when escalation is required. In addition, its easy to pass customer intent and other relevant info to the agent so they can help the customer resolve their issue.

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Cut Costs, Free Up Agents

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent enables you to cut costs by automating routine calls. This allows your agents to focus their time and energy on higher-value interactions.

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Easy to Design

Set up and make changes to Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent easily using Five9 Engagement Workflow. Add new prompts, callback options, or data queries in seconds.

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Streamline Experiences

Identify customers and personalize the self- service flow. Information collected by Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent is routed with the call to the agent to ensure a positive, and memorable, service experience.

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Datasheet: Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

Learn how Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent can help you deliver a more human experience while driving down costs.

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