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Improve agent engagement and performance to provide extraordinary customer experiences

Quality Management (QM) in your contact center results in satisfied customers, engaged agents, and increased revenue for your business. Give your employees what they need to ensure customers get what they want.

With solutions powered by market leaders, Verint, Calabrio, Virtual Observer and Authority, Five9 automates the QM process from start to finish, whether your agents, supervisors, and quality managers are remote or in your call  center.

Based on studies conducted by the Aberdeen Group (Source)

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Call Recording

The backbone of every quality management solution is recording. Record agent interactions and capture screen information in real time, based on custom business rules or by random selection. This allows you to have all the information you need for QM evaluation.

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Agent Performance Quality Management

Evaluate how well your agents are handling customer interactions. Assess agents’ strengths and weaknesses to identify areas for coaching or overall process improvement to achieve measurable improvements in customer satisfaction.

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Quality Optimization

Enable targeted call monitoring based on built-in or custom key performance indicators (KPIs). You set your KPI targets and benchmark your agents during customer interactions on metrics that reflect your business goals. This allows contact center operations to have an actionable workflow to identify and escalate issues.

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Interaction Analytics

Track and mine valuable information with automatic analytical tools. Such as speech analytics, desktop and call-flow analytics, customer feedback analytics, and automatic call categorization.

Five9 is the heart of this organization. We wouldn’t be where we are without it.
Brian Ernst
CEO, Senior Health Solutions

Datasheet: Quality Management (QM)

Learn how Five9 can help you uncover opportunities to make improvements through interaction recording, agent quality performance management, quality optimization, and interaction analytics.

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Quality Management Features


Call Recording


Real-time Privacy Control


Screen Recording


Recording Storage




Coaching Packages


Out-of-the-Box Reports


Customizable Dashboards


Analytics: Speech, Call Flow, Customer Feedback, Screen Content, Text & Data Mining

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