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Five9 Social delivers advanced social media capabilities for customer service and sales organisations. Reach peak efficiency and get the tools that you need to manage social engagement based on your most critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Five9 Social empowers customer care agents to respond to problems and issues posted on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, articles and online communities. Designed for the specific needs of contact centres, Five9 Social enables your team to respond to the social posts that matter most, while allowing you to manage social care based on your traditional contact centre KPIs and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs).

Five9 Social provides agents with tools to increase efficiency. Agents can sort queues by last-in-first-out or first-in-first-out, date range, sentiment, business issue, disposition and relevanace. They can search for posts by a particular author and view a customer’s post history along a panoramic timeline. Five9 Social provides agents with pre-approved responses to commonly asked questions and uses business rules to guide agent response using “next best actions”.

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Organise Posts by Issue

Social posts can be clustered into issues like billing, customer support, and sales. Informing agents about post topic in advance translates to faster customer response times and higher first contact resolution rates.

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Prioritise by Sentiment

Five9 Social automatically scans posts based to determine the author’s mood, making it easy for agents to prioritise responses based on customer sentiment. The Natural Language Processing engine filters out spam in the process.

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Gain Insights from Analytics

Over 20 out-of-the-box reports with popular metrics for adhering to SLAs. View workload summaries through real-time analytics. Observe and coach agents with a real-time supervisor display. Agents can view their own KPIs.

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The Social Strategy Playbook

Learn how to guide your company’s social strategy towards sure success. Take a look at important facts and figures about the way customers interact with companies on social media and find out how to use the social medium of communication to your benefit.

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Datasheet: Five9 Social

Five9 Social gives you peak agent efficiency and the tools you need to manage social engagement based on your most critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Combine Five9 Social with the power of Five9’s integrated voice, chat, email, and mobile applications and you’ll engage more effectively with customers across all channels while improving control of your contact centre operations.

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Five9 Social Customer Service Features


Sentiment Analysis


Spam Filtering


Knowledge Base and Zimbra Integrations


Rules-Based, Next-Best Actions




Trending Topics


Popular Social Networks


Sorting & Custom Views


Panoramic Timeline


Agent KPI & Workgroup Analysis


Blogs, Articles, Video, & More


Private Messaging


Advanced Search


Rules-Based Routing & Prioritisation


Supervisory Agent Display

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Boost Productivity with Five9

Stop wasting time on manual dialling and managing leads. Five9 Outbound Contact Centre automates lead and campaign management, so you can create an automated marketing and sales funnel that achieves your outbound goals.


Predictive dialling connects agents only to live prospects, maximising calling efficiency.


Use list priorities and ratios, so your agents can focus on their most qualified leads.


Automate agent callbacks using the Disposition Timer and redial feature.


Leverage workflow rules with time-of-day triggers to manage agents and campaigns.

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